Announcing a New Telecommunications Campaign!

The acquisition of a new campaign is an exciting achievement for any marketing and consulting company. That’s why our Prestige NY team is proud to announce our latest partnership. We are now conducting outreach on behalf of a national telecom firm. The businesses’ fiber-optic solutions make it a great option for consumers everywhere.

The Prestige NY team members who will be handling this campaign include Will, Olivia, Tyler, and Josh. They are high performers not only in terms of their sales metrics, but also their consistent rankings in all areas of the business. They have the energy and focus to achieve even greater success. We are certain that they’ll elevate the telecom firm even further above the competition.

With our colleagues focusing more on the latest partnership – along with an increasing demand for Prestige NY services – we need fresh talent. New hires are fully trained in all areas of our company. They also receive extensive education surrounding all the services we represent. We even offer one-on-one coaching, limitless support, and exciting networking and travel opportunities. This is all in addition to a dynamic office culture and active involvement in social change efforts.

If you’ve been looking for a place to launch a thriving career, look no further. With us, you’ll find all you need to get to the top. We invite you to apply online. Visit our website at