Prestige NY Young Entrepreneurs Program

Are you a passionate individual who has the motivation to take control of your own future and someday own your own business? Then Prestige NY’s Young Entrepreneur Program is for you. We’ve developed this program to teach ambitious professionals the fundamentals of creating a successful business through hands-on learning experiences.

Entrepreneurship begins with learning. That’s why when you take part in our program, your training will be a hands-on experience. You’ll gain the skills you need by servicing our customers and building lasting relationships in our community. You’ll soak up knowledge on the ins-and-outs of being a business professional. This is just the start of your professional development journey.

The Basics of the Young Entrepreneur Program

What could be better than an opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge to launch your career as a business pro? Our Young Entrepreneur Program will set you on the path to attaining this vision. Choose from a variety of tracks to get started. You’ll rotate through every aspect of our business to gain experience in them all – experience which will drive your advancement.

Our immersion approach means you’ll be working on projects and solutions with real world applications. As you collaborate with different teams and in different locations, you’ll witness what makes our company unique and be given ample opportunities to learn from senior managers and coaches, as well as from fellow participants.

Prestige NY’s Young Entrepreneur Program provides those who take part with a variety of experiences to develop the skills and abilities our firm currently needs, as well as those we anticipate for the future. When you enter this top-tier program, you can expect the following:

You’ll rotate through Prestige NY’s entire organization, which will help you develop critical business and functional skills.

You’ll be given numerous opportunities to hone your technical and leadership skills through hands-on assignments, participation in curriculum designed to develop management abilities, and other support activities.

You’ll put your newfound skills to the test with highly visible projects, meetings, and presentations.

After you’ve successfully completed this program, you’ll excel to the advanced level of the program.

By guiding you step by step through the learning process, we ensure that you feel confident knowing that you’re becoming well-equipped as a business professional. Read on to discover the subjects we’ll cover, your responsibilities, and who’ll you’ll be working with.

What You’re About To Learn

In this program, you will:

Attain a comprehensive view of the roles of managers and assistant managers

Coordinate brand-centric marketing and sales educational sessions

Provide knowledge transfer and professional development for team members

Gain knowledge on all aspects of customer service and marketing

Absorb human resource best practices with regard to hiring, interviewing, and retention

Perform various administrative and human resources tasks

Entrepreneur Responsibilities


Customer Care

It’s not a fancy slogan. This is what we live and breathe at Prestige NY. It sets us apart from the competition. We leave everyone with whom we connect impressed with the services they receive.


Sales and Marketing

There’s much more to sales and marketing than figures and projections. It’s about forging lasting relationships with customers and local businesses. It’s about making vital connections. This is what ultimately leads to sustainable growth.



As you take on management responsibilities, you will become fluent in accounting principles. From the ability to read and interpret various financial statements to analyzing budgets, your branch’s success relies on understanding the numbers that reflect your results.



There are many moving parts that keep the wheels turning in a multimillion-dollar operation. You’ll learn how to manage team members, coordinate promotions, and ensure that every aspect of the business is running efficiently.

There’s so much more knowledge to acquire. To make the most of being a Prestige NY young entrepreneur, prepare to immerse yourself in a rich learning experience. The rewards for your efforts are great. Unlike other firms, our advancement policy centers on merit rather than seniority. We make sure your hard work and commitment pays you dividends.

Who You’ll Work With as a Young Entrepreneur

When you join Prestige NY’s Young Entrepreneur Program, you’ll collaborate with other young entrepreneurs who embody our core values. Over time, you will establish even more relationships that will include customers, businesses, and fellow team members. Each day will offer you new knowledge and opportunities to grow. Among those who will help you along this path are:

Branch managers | Service managers | Business partners

Get Started!