How to Earn the Promotion You Deserve

You must make an impact on top decision makers if you expect to edge out the competition and secure a promotion. That’s why we’ve started putting the following strategies into action around the Prestige NY office as we pursue our career goals.

Listening is one of the best things anyone can do to earn regular promotions. We ask lots of questions to gather feedback from our supervisors and our colleagues. By listening intently to the answers we receive, we build reputations as proactive achievers who get everyone involved. Those are attributes top decision makers look for in potential leaders, and they result from being inclusive.

We also understand the importance of teaching our teammates whenever possible. Sharing knowledge shows leadership potential while also displaying our statuses as strong team players. When we help others succeed, we set Prestige NY up for rapid growth while sharpening our own potential.

Taking risks is another shared behavior among those who regularly earn promotions. We let our managers see that we’re willing to stretch beyond our current skills as we pursue our goals. When the unexpected happens, we take valuable lessons from the experience and move on to the next big challenge.

These behaviors help us identify ourselves as aggressive seekers of advancement who are also committed team players. For more of our insights on career growth, like Prestige NY on Facebook.