Eyeing Future Expansion and Hiring

There are several new markets in our sights for Prestige NY expansion, including Long Island. We want to continue spreading our influence as an industry leader. We know this will require further expansion and additional hiring. Jessica, our President, states, “We’re seeing increased demand for our services, and we’re ready to seize the moment.”

The Long Island market is especially attractive to Prestige NY. It is a very competitive region, and one that promises great rewards for the brand we represent. “Long Island is actually the number one market in the nation for Inspire Energy,” Jessica added. “Our unique approach to customer acquisition should make a major impact there.”

A hiring push will accompany the Prestige NY expansion efforts. The President commented, “We look for strong team players who are committed to improvement. Ambitious people will find a challenging and fulfilling career path at Prestige NY. We promote based on merit, so those who are serious about advancement can move ahead based on how hard they work.”

The company’s immersive training approach also encourages growth. “We put people in position to thrive by providing hands-on experience,” Jessica noted. “From day one, we provide chances to take part in key projects and build knowledge. This develops both the skill set to get things done and the confidence to take on new challenges.”

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