Get Motivated to Conquer Your To-Do List

When it comes to completing our Prestige NY to-do lists, we make sure our well of motivation runs high. We’ve discovered a few reliable strategies for supercharging our productivity to get important tasks done. Here are our best motivating techniques for daily priorities:

  • Get a Head Start: We make our to-do lists right before we go to bed each night. This ensures that every busy day around the Prestige NY office gets off to the most productive start possible. Once we arrive at work, we focus on our top priorities from the lists before checking email or engaging in any other routine task.
  • Focus on Something Else: When we need to power through a particularly challenging project, we sometimes take time away from it to restore our focus. We’ve found this strategy especially useful when it comes to creative tasks, because novel ideas have time to incubate as our minds wander a bit.
  • Use a Mood Booster: The release of dopamine has been proven to get people engaged in important work. That’s why we listen to our favorite songs when we want a quick motivation boost. We also use light workouts, such as stretching or brisk walks around the office, to elevate our moods (and bodies) to more productive places.

We’re applying these techniques to get more productivity out of our workdays. For more on how we keep our motivation levels high, check out the Prestige NY Newswire.