Important Skills to Pick Up After Graduation

If you’ve earned a college degree, congratulations! You have every right to be proud of that achievement. In many ways though, we feel that our real education started after we left school and began the exciting journey that is a Prestige NY career.

Here are some important skills that we didn’t learn in college, but are vital to our professional success:

• Practical Statistics: You don’t have to be a math whiz to know that some numbers just don’t add up. While it may be impossible to understand exactly how some statistical analyses are conducted, it is possible (and necessary) to know the difference between fact and fiction. “How to Lie With Statistics,” by Darrell Huff, is a great intro book for this subject – and yes, part of the reason it’s on the Prestige NY reading list is that it’s illustrated.

• Real-World Networking: Meeting people in college was more than easy; it would have been harder not to. Networking becomes a bit more difficult after graduation though. Time constraints become greater for most people entering the professional arena, plus age and experience levels vary much more dramatically in an office environment. However, we assure you that with a little practice and determination, it’s possible to have the thriving social network you enjoyed as a student.

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