How Interviewees Can Be More Memorable

One of the main goals for any job candidate is to be remembered by a potential employer. That’s why it’s so important to stand out from the crowd when you interview for a great new job. Here are a few ways potential additions to Team Prestige NY separate themselves from their competition.

Starting the discussion by asking a question is one way interviewees can make themselves stand out. We’re always impressed when candidates ask about a certain part of our work culture or how success will be measured in the role they hope to fill.

We also look for interviewees who discuss their unique skills in terms of how they can help us solve big challenges. This is easier for candidates to do if they’ve gone through the right amount of research on our company before we meet with them. If they have enough courage to suggest ways in which they might help us overcome certain obstacles, it’s easier for us to imagine interviewees helping us reach major Prestige NY goals.

Being authentic is another solid approach that helps interviewees stand out in hiring managers’ minds. This might seem like a simplistic strategy, but it’s important to show a sense of humor and some degree of vulnerability during an interview.

These are a few ways jobseekers can make themselves more memorable.