Key Concepts for Successful Self-Evaluation

When it comes to professional development, we’ve learned that honest self-evaluation is essential. We’re always trying to learn on the job around the Prestige NY office, so taking stock of where we are and where we’re going are common occurrences. Here are a few self-evaluation concepts we keep in mind as we work to refine our professional abilities.

One thing we always try to do is emphasize improvement rather than obsess over perfection. The more we focus on the progress we’ve made, the faster we close in on new goals. We give ourselves due credit for our improvements, even if we’re not quite where we want to be yet.

In a similar vein, we also focus more on the effort we put into the developmental process than the results we achieve. Even when our learning pursuits don’t yield immediate results, we know we’re ahead of the game if our processes are getting smoother. By respecting the effort we put in, we set ourselves up for long-term success through dedication.

We also spend more time evaluating what went right than what went wrong when we challenge ourselves to learn new concepts and skills on the job. This allows us to build momentum toward our next Prestige NY learning goals, which we tackle with confidence.

These strategies help us honestly evaluate our developmental progress.