Leadership Behaviors That Encourage Team Unity

To be a leader, one doesn’t need a title. Rather, it’s a matter of influence, something anyone can have at any level. What’s more, this influence works both in a positive or negative way. These are some Prestige NY behaviors that our influencers model to encourage a productive, team-oriented atmosphere.

First, they display humility. This doesn’t mean they think less of themselves, but that they think of themselves less. Instead of taking credit, they share it. Rather than avoid responsibility, they accept it. It’s a simple principle that has a dramatic impact on organizational performance.

Also, it’s a common Prestige NY practice to catch each other doing something right. This provides us the opportunity to compliment effort in a public way, and give recognition generously. On the flip side of this routine, we give feedback in private. This keeps anyone from being put on the spot in front of colleagues – even though we all benefit from redirection and clarification occasionally.

Finally, we make it well-known that professional goals have their best chance of being realized when they’re tied to Prestige NY objectives. To put it simply, we wouldn’t be able to provide the great perks we do, like travel and internal promotions, if team members were focused on their own priorities while ignoring the big picture.

These are just a few of the ways that our leadership team ensures a collaborative culture at our firm.