Leadership Traits That Resonate With Millennials

Like many other companies, we discuss the needs of millennials around the Prestige NY office. This broad category of people often responds to certain types of motivation. We have discovered that a few key traits inspire the best performance from its members. Here are the management behaviors and attributes that resonate with millennials:

  • Custom Mentoring: Leaders who can provide feedback in a coaching format have an edge in getting great performances from their younger team members. This is because inexperienced professionals crave guidance as they learn the ropes.
  • Praise: Millennials also want to be valued for their work, so recognition is also important in motivating them to do their best. Making praise as specific as possible is our preferred approach.
  • Vulnerability: Millennials also value leaders who are grounded. They are more inspired by leaders who are honest about their weak areas than by those who claim to have all the answers. This leadership style continues to serve Prestige NY well.
  • Integrity: This is an essential trait for leading any type of professional, but especially for millennials. Having come of age during the time of Enron, the housing market collapse, and other scandals, they are highly attuned to managerial honesty. Young people want leaders who back up their words with focused actions and serve others’ needs before personal interests.

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