Let Us Help You Ace the Networking Game

Countless times, networking has proven to lead to big career and business opportunities. That’s why we not only take advantage of every chance to make new contacts, we are sure to keep our relationship-building skills sharp as well. With our Prestige NY strategies, even the most introverted people successfully build their professional circles. Try some of our techniques:

  • Be Valuable: Believe it or not, you have something to offer everyone – even those who seem to have it all as they sit at the top of the career ladder. Whether it’s your tech savvy, a large social media following, or an eagerness to listen, know what your value is and offer it generously. Doing so will show others that you care about their success, and that you aren’t solely interested in your own agenda.
  • Paraphrase: When our Prestige NY associates are immersed in conversation, we like to summarize the points others make. It demonstrates interest and engagement. By listening carefully and briefly summarizing what your new contact says, you too will send the right message.
  • Use Body Language: Don’t forget that you can make an impact without saying anything at all. Body language goes a long way. When connecting with others, we suggest that you make plenty of eye contact. Sit or stand facing the other person, keeping your arms uncrossed. This will show that you are open to the interaction. Smile warmly, and nod your head to indicate understanding.

You will find more helpful networking tips on the Prestige NY website, prestige-ny.com.