The People Who Accelerate Professional Growth

We’re committed to learning on the job around the Prestige NY office, but we know that going it alone isn’t the best strategy. Here are the types of allies we’ve found essential in accelerating our professional education.

One person we all need to have in our corners is someone who believes in our talents. A believer isn’t just someone who tells you what you want to hear; he or she is a person who can act as a positive influence when negative thoughts creep into your mind. Believers are realistic about your accomplishments while also reminding you of your potential.

We’ve also learned that teachers are essential in our Prestige NY improvement efforts. These wisdom-givers don’t have to be professional mentors; they can even be historical figures whose inspiration has lasted well beyond their lives. Whatever form a teacher might take, he or she is a person who helps you find valuable lessons in all types of experiences.

Achievers are also key allies who will push you forward in your professional development. When you have someone to look up to with respect to professional achievements, you can always aim higher to match his or her level. These high achievers become role models.

These kinds of people function as boosters for your professional growth.