Prestige NY Verified on Fair Business Report

We’ve worked hard to create an empowering Prestige NY team atmosphere. It’s nice to have something we’ve put so much work into recognized, and that’s exactly what happened to us recently. The Fair Business Report (FBR) verified our business, which also resulted in a badge being added to our profile page. We are officially verified by FBR!

To earn the Top Places to Work award, a company must receive 10 or more positive reviews on the FBR website in a year. Beyond that, winners must display a commitment to clear professional advancement. Giveback efforts and feedback from managers are also key criteria in determining which companies receive the award. Thankfully, Prestige NY scores highly in all these areas.

Mentoring is another element FBR looks for in verified firms. We’ve always made personalized coaching a central tenet of our training program, with every new hire matched to a seasoned associate. This type of one-to-one education prepares people for success in a competitive industry. Our team members receive experience in all phases of our operations, but the fact that they combine it with the insights of well-versed leaders makes their training even more effective.

We’re serious about building our people’s skills through coaching and helpful feedback. Learn more about what makes our culture an inspiring one by checking the Prestige NY Newswire.