Prestige on What Makes a Great Leader

Prestige, is a specialist in creating marketing experts. In fact, we have leadership development down to a fine art because of our structured training and coaching program. So what are some of the characteristics we encourage in people to help them become leaders in our field?

  •  Honesty: This is one of the most important values of our firm, and one that we instill into our leaders from the first day they’re with us. Honesty is important for building trust between you and others and is an absolute requirement when representing brands to the public.
  • Sense of Humor: We encourage our leaders to foster a sense of humor. After all, it’s important to laugh even when you make mistakes. Not only does this help them treat each challenge with a light heart, it ensures a happy team environment, too.
  • Delegation: A great leader is one who is able to recognize his or her own strengths and then delegate to others tasks to which they are not particularly suited. No leader is able to tick every task off the collective to-do list without burning out, and so developing an ability to hand off jobs to others is crucial to sustainable growth.
  • Confidence: It’s true that those who possess confidence are able to focus on the larger goal and aim for it without flinching or shying away from risk. These people reap the big rewards.What other traits do you think leaders require? Share your ideas with us!