Setting Goals Keeps Us Moving Toward Our Dreams

Team Prestige NY doesn’t rest on laurels. We believe that for people to succeed in the modern business world, it’s vital to continually grow and develop as professionals. Fun fact: in order for a vehicle to maintain its speed while coasting it must be going downhill. We believe the same applies to a career as well.

The secret to maintaining forward momentum? Goals. We set both personal and professional goals for ourselves as individuals and for our team as well. In fact, there are organization-wide Prestige NY objectives that we are all aware of and striving toward, and our most productive team members have learned to set their own targets in conjunction with the company’s mission.

To reward our associates that know how to prioritize Prestige NY’s success along with their own, we offer several incentives. Travel is by far one of the most exciting perks we enjoy, and in the near future some hand-selected individuals will be attending a national quarterly conference. During the conference, these all-stars will have the chance to network with other leaders in our industry, learn and share best business practices, and enjoy an awards ceremony recognizing their achievements.

We will be announcing the names of 15 hand-selected individuals that will be traveling to the national quarterly conference.