Simple Commute Improvements

Our daily trips to the Prestige NY office have become valued developmental opportunities. That’s because we’ve found ways to make our commutes productive for both daily tasks and long-term growth. Here are a few strategies we’re using to get an edge during our journeys to work.

Planning out our day is one simple way to get more out of a commute, so we think about priorities for the day to come and write out to-do lists so we can hit the ground running as soon as we get to the office. Those of us who drive to work make voice notes using hands-free devices.

Audiobooks have also become essential companions during our Prestige NY commutes. We don’t limit ourselves to business books; we listen to all genres to stay entertained and illuminated on the road. You’ll frequently find us exchanging recommendations around our office for interesting books as well as podcasts that are worth our attention.

We’ve also been known to draft emails as we travel to the office, because getting our thoughts down gives us plenty of time to edit them once we’re at our desks. This is an especially useful strategy when we have lengthy messages we need to send to colleagues, customers, or supervisors.

These strategies provide us with a productive advantage every workday. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Newswire