Take Charge of Job Interview Success

Our Prestige NY associates think of the job interview as a complex dance. Candidates must present themselves as competent and gracious, and hiring managers must balance professionalism and judgment. There is a lot happening in every interview, and the applicant often relinquishes control of the proceedings to the person on the other side of the table.

As far as our Prestige NY team members are concerned, however, the interviewee should maintain considerable control over the meeting as well. Just as he or she must make a positive impression, so should the interviewer.

To turn the tables the next time you meet someone about a career opportunity, we encourage you to be sure you’re talking to the right person. The individual should have the authority – and ability – to assess your experience and skills. If you find that you are speaking with a junior executive, inquire about the next step of the process – when you will meet your potential manager.

If it seems that the interviewer is asking generic questions, it’s important to answer them. After you do so, however, why not also give the responses to questions you’d like to answer? Use the scripted inquiries as launching points to discuss your value in greater detail.

Keep these Prestige NY points in mind as you sit down for your next interview. Find more like them at prestige-ny.com.