The Three Steps to Take After Being Promoted

Goal-oriented people often focus on earning career promotions as they pursue growth. Advancing is an exciting experience. These individuals may not always consider the transition phase that comes with it, however. As people are promoted in the Prestige NY workplace, we coach them through the following steps:

  • Determine What They’ll No Longer Be Handling: Individuals who advance are ready to take on lots of new responsibilities, but they won’t be continuing many of their old tasks. We help our colleagues identify these duties. Doing so helps them prioritize and encourages accountability throughout Prestige NY.
  • Delegation: All the tasks for which the promoted person is no longer responsible must be assigned to others. That means he or she must be able to recognize the strengths and preferences of coworkers, and delegate work appropriately. In other words, they learn to depend more on their colleagues.
  • Focus: With new duties defined and old ones passed to others, those who advance are free to focus on their most important tasks. The further they go in their careers, the more important it is for them to keep our company mission in sight. As they adjust their priorities, they become better leaders and look to more ambitious goals.

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