A Memorable Reward for Team Success

We set ambitious goals as members of Team Prestige NY, both for our own careers and for the company’s achievements. One of our recent team successes resulted in a memorable reward that’s sure to bring us closer together. Maheen, our firm’s head of HR, stated, “We recently hit our goal with a major telecom provider, and as a bonus we get to have a huge pool party. This is the type of payoff we enjoy receiving for our hard work and dedication. We respect the companies we represent, and they show their appreciation to us in a variety of amazing ways.”

Team outings such as our pool party are great for recharging our batteries and creative capabilities. When we get together in relaxed settings, we get to know each other on a personal level. By the time we return to the Prestige NY office, we have a better feel for the wide-ranging talents under our roof. Our collaboration seems to get smoother with every team activity we enjoy.

We’re also more engaged in our work when we know we’ll be rewarded for outstanding performance. This is certainly true for earning promotions, because the pathways to higher levels at Prestige NY are very clear. The fact that our national service partners also offer rewards keeps us inspired to perform at a consistently high level as well.

Our pool party will surely be the talk of the office for a good while. Like us on Facebook for regular updates on our team events.

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