A Perfect Summer Team Getaway

Our team outings play major roles in maintaining our winning Prestige NY culture. Summer is obviously an ideal time to get together outside of the office, so we’re getting ready to do just that. Maheen, our firm’s head of HR, explained, “We’re having a team day at Six Flags! There’s a lot of excitement in the air around our office as the big day gets closer. We know amusement parks have something for everyone, so we’re all ready to make lasting memories together.”

Along with being just plain fun, team outings like our upcoming Six Flags trip help sharpen teamwork around the office. Maheen stated, “Every time we come together as a group away from the demands of work, we get to know each other better as people. With better understandings of the unique talents and traits we bring to the table, collaboration around the office is stronger. Every team activity gives us the chance to deliver bigger wins for our national service partners.”

Jessica, our Prestige NY President, sees our team outings as key recruitment tools. She explained, “When it comes to attracting top talent, it’s important to offer something beyond salary and advancement opportunities. Our regular team activities show that we have a ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality. There’s no doubt that top-shelf candidates look for this kind of rewarding team atmosphere, so we’re happy to provide it.”

We’re ready to make the most of our Six Flags trip. Follow Prestige NY on Instagram for updates on this and all our upcoming excursions.

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