An Exciting Office Competition

There’s a buzz throughout the Prestige NY office as we compete for an amazing prize. Maheen, our firm’s head of HR, explained that our team members are trying to hit specific targets to earn a skydiving trip. Four of our top performers will earn the right to see the world from a completely different perspective. Maheen stated, “This prize is meant to be for those who are not just performing well, but bringing in high-quality results.”

The contest is a fantastic opportunity for us to have fun, work together, and streamline our goal-setting approach. With something like a skydiving excursion on the line, we can refine our strategies for putting clear objectives in place. The more specific the outcome we want to achieve, the better equipped we are to focus our efforts and measure our progress.

Any time we establish clear objectives for ourselves, we make sure it’s something that truly motivates us. When we make a target a top priority, we can put distractions aside and stay engaged in the achievement process for as long as it takes. The fact that our Prestige NY goals are meaningful to us also means that we feel even greater senses of accomplishment when we cross the finish line.

Our office competition is an ideal way for us to improve our professional abilities and team bonds. Like Prestige NY on [Facebook] for more information on this contest.

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