Celebrating a Few Recent Promotions

We’ve created and maintained a growth-focused Prestige NY culture that rewards outstanding performance. Through many means, including this blog, we take time to highlight team members who go the extra mile to achieve ambitious goals. Today, we’re putting Guy, Olivia, and Ji in the spotlight for earning promotions.

Maheen, the head of our firm’s HR department, stated, “These three recently promoted associates are very focused and bring strong work ethics to every new challenge. Olivia specifically is pushing for an assistant management role. Our standards for Guy, Olivia, and Ji are quite high, so we can’t wait to see what they achieve next.”

These team members also bring positive attitudes to the job day in and day out. Jessica, our firm’s President, explained, “I believe a person’s mind-set accounts for somewhere between 80 and 90 percent of his or her success. The three Prestige NY standouts who were recently elevated to greater career heights are prime examples of this. They’re always willing to help their teammates as they pursue their own objectives with enthusiasm.”

Setting clear goals is another key aspect of achieving advancement. Maheen noted, “Individuals who advance within our Prestige NY office are those who put specific benchmarks in place. Clear targets allow people to focus their efforts and make the right adjustments along the way.”

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