What Company Culture Means to Us

We’re committed to maintaining a strong company culture here at Prestige NY. A wide variety of events helps ensure that our team members remain engaged in their work. Jessica, our firm’s President, explained, “We have at least one team outing every other week to streamline communication throughout our office. I’ve noticed that collaboration is always a little stronger after we come back from a fun group activity.”

The CEO contends that a company’s culture is what defines its overall identity. She remarked, “We live our most important values through our outings, and it pays off in the form of streamlined teamwork around the Prestige NY office. We project the right kind of image to the public in the process, which makes it easier for us to attract top-flight talent to our organization.”

Just as it helps attract the most talented candidates, a strong culture makes it easier for us to retain top performers. “People stay engaged in their work when they feel comfortable applying their unique talents,” the President added. “That’s exactly the kind of atmosphere we aim to uphold within our office. Through team outings and various types of recognition, we make it clear to our people that their talents are valued.”

Our goal is to continue sharpening our company culture through regular outings. You can follow our team-building pursuits by liking Prestige NY on Facebook.

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