Creating Connections on Our Trip to Dallas

The theme in the Prestige NY office this month is networking, and it comes on the heels of a trip select team members took to Dallas, Texas for a national leadership conference. Our people met other rising stars from across the U.S. there, sharing best practices and forging connections that will help us grow in our careers. Here’s what some of our associates had to say about the trip:

“In Dallas, I got another chance to network with branch managers who’ve been in similar positions as me,” shared Caroline. “It was a great chance for face time with some of the top names in the business. I got fresh perspectives on rebuilding, staying on track, and focus points.”

According to Fahad, “Dallas was a game-changer for me. I was able to meet with the best of the best and learn from them. I was networking with top leaders I’ve always looked up to. One in particular shared how to take my leadership game to the next level by knowing how to work with different Prestige NY personalities and play to their strengths. He also talked about aligning team goals with personal aims to increase motivation and the importance of spending time together outside of work to build strong relationships.”

“Lately, I’ve been connecting with mentors to go over time management and ways to control my mind-set,” stated Jason. “These coaches, along with the leaders I met at the conference, really helped me to see that there is always more than one solution to any challenge. They also helped me find perspective on these obstacles. This relieved a lot of mental pressure I had put on myself.”

Bud also had some great things to say: “I networked with a mentor I’ve always looked up to when I was in Dallas and he taught me a lot about public speaking, interviews, and presenting myself in my best light. He shared with me that a great leader balances between calm, collected, excited, and curious.”

It’s easy to see why we consider our Dallas trip to have been a great success – look at all we accomplished through networking! Like Prestige NY on Facebook for more on the importance of connecting with like-minded professionals.

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