Dallymar Melendez Leads New Florida Campaign

Seeing one of our top performers expand the Prestige NY brand is always exciting, so we’re happy to put Dallymar Melendez in the company spotlight this month. Jessica, our firm’s President, explained that Dallymar is spearheading a new campaign in Florida. This is a huge accomplishment for our company and promises major rewards for the smart energy solution providers we represent. Jessica added that it’s also another signifier that our firm is a great place to develop a fulfilling career.

Dallymar was in our New York office and proved herself as an ambitious top performer. She’s always been adept at setting specific goals and following up on them with lots of positive energy. It’s no surprise that she’s become a respected leader on Team Prestige NY. We all know she’s a perfect choice to lead a team in Florida.

Our work culture is an ideal one for driven people to reach their potential. Jessica noted that advancement is based on merit in our office, which means we’re always motivated to do our best. Just knowing that our efforts will be rewarded puts a big spring in our step day in and day out. There are also too many ongoing education options to list, so we’re always on the rise in terms of our skill sets and knowledge bases.

We’re always happy to see one of our colleagues advance. It’s going to be fun watching Dallymar lead her own team, and you can stay up to date by following Prestige NY on LinkedIn.

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