Effective Frontrunners Use These Leadership Strategies

One of our strategies for maintaining Prestige NY’s momentum in the new year is ensuring that we have strong leaders in place. These are some of the guidelines we follow to maintain effectiveness in our leadership roles:

• Know Your Leadership Style: There are many different ways to lead a team to victory; what’s most important is that we understand our own style and use it to its full advantage. There are fun and simple quizzes on the internet that give a good introduction to some basic management approaches, and even highlight how there is a time and place for each.

• Develop Your Communication Skills: Even if we’re accomplished communicators, there are always ways in which we can improve. For example, if we’re good in one-to-one situations we look for ways to practice public speaking. Listening is a skill that we always seek to polish as well.

• Model Ideal Behavior: Around the Prestige NY office we call this leading with integrity. By setting the example for others our leaders earn the respect and loyalty of their team members.

• Encourage Contributions and Feedback: When people know their work and ideas are appreciated, they give their best on both fronts. This leads to higher levels of engagement, creativity, and productivity.

We value leadership and know how to train our people to become effective leaders. Check out our Prestige NY Newswire feed to learn more about how we develop frontrunners in our organization.

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