Who is Olive Branch Financial?

Olive Branch Financial is a debt relief company headquartered in Irvine, CA with an ongoing mission to provide fast and affordable debt relief, with a human touch. Throughout the past years, Olive Branch Financial has helped consumers eliminate millions of dollars in debt. They are dedicated to helping individuals and families reduce the burden of consumer debt and move forward with their life.

How is Prestige NY providing Olive Branch Financial with immediate and long-term results?

In-person consultations with trained debt relief representatives. In the age of digital everything, nothing compares to a conversation with someone face-to-face and Prestige NY brings these conversations to our client’s doorstep. We are the first to successfully roll out an in-person marketing campaign for a debt relief company.

High-touch and transparent customer service. When a client enrolls in the debt relief program, we are partnering with them for 12 to 48 months. Our team takes this commitment seriously. That’s why we focus on building a lasting relationship with them. Service first, profit second.

Trained professionals. The training Prestige NY offers for our financial division with Olive Branch is extremely extensive, but it’s important to us that both our agent, and the client, is fully informed on the service. Additionally, we only hire candidates that display compassion and a strong desire to become a professional to service our client’s files.