Friendly Competition: How and Why It Works

Competition is healthy in many ways, and it’s quite the motivator. That’s why we embrace it in the Prestige NY workplace – and in a friendly manner, of course. On a monthly basis, we compete for various winnings. Each event is based on different metrics, so everyone has a chance to leverage his or her strengths. Sometimes we focus on goals, for example, and other times it’s about performance. After the last two Prestige NY competitions, individuals have won Michael Kors watches – and another one resulted in a 55-inch smart 4K TV!

If you are skeptical about the value of competition, think about athletes. Their contests and games allow them to showcase their best abilities, and they learn to be accountable for their hard work and the results they achieve. They also have access to numerous other success-driven individuals. Everyone influences each other to try harder and go bigger.

Friendly competition isn’t a matter of pushing others down to rise to the top alone. It’s about shared enthusiasm as all players pursue their goals. Even as we try to win exciting rewards, we are still connected by the Prestige NY mission. We push one another, and celebrate together no matter who ends up victorious.

Remember these points as you motivate your team. If you’d like to discover what we’re hoping to win next, check out our Newswire.

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