How We Prepare New Hires to Thrive

When people join Team Prestige NY, they receive a wealth of learning options. Through immersive training and focused mentorship, our incoming associates are put in prime position to excel right off the bat. Jessica, our firm’s President, explained that our in-house coaches recognize people’s unique talents and pinpoint areas in which they can improve.

New additions to our team work on real-world projects with seasoned performers. This is a great way for people to quickly build confidence, especially in our evolving industry. One-to-one coaching from someone who has risen through the Prestige NY ranks is a game changer for our newest associates. It’s also a key driver of our firm’s ongoing success.

There are a few traits that make our in-house mentors especially effective. A positive attitude is one of the vital attributes we look for in any potential addition to our team, so our coaches are always on the optimistic side. Mentors within our office are adept at finding the productive lessons in what may appear to be adverse situations. Our theory is that there’s always something new to learn.

Our veteran team members are also effective coaches because they’re committed to ongoing learning. Incoming associates have no shortage of strong role models who seek out new knowledge every day.

We’re proud of the way we set new hires up for success. Follow Prestige NY on Instagram for more details on our training approach.

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