Lhencia and Heidy Are Headed to Retreat

It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for in our Prestige NY office – learning who will be selected to attend the R&R retreat in the Dominican Republic this November. This trip is perhaps the most coveted event of the year and we’re all too happy to announce the team members who have earned an invitation.

Envelope please: The winners are Lhencia and Heidy, administrators who are being recognized for their loyalty and hard work according to Jessica, Prestige NY’s President. Lhencia has been with us for one year and Heidy has been here for 5 years. We’re in awe of everything they do for our office and our team and this trip is our way of saying thank you for their excellence. In fact, when they arrive in Punta Cana, they will be recognized in a very special way.

To be invited on the R&R trip, we have to meet some steep goals. Fortunately, our people know how to reach them because of the strategy we employ:

• Make Them Measurable: We need to have a concrete target to hit. Metrics allow us to not only have a direction, but also track our progress.

• Deadlines Are a Must: When objectives have a specific end date, we can plan and prioritize effectively.

• Celebrate Milestones: Each step of the way toward our goals, we take time to recognize the little victories that add up to a bigger triumph.

Our travel adventures continue with conferences and other functions. Follow Prestige NY on Instagram for frequent updates and highlights.

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