March Madness Brings Out Our Best!

This is always an exciting time of year around the Prestige NY office, as our March Madness event takes hold of our entire team. We compete with our colleagues to earn a cash prize and bragging rights that last a full year. This year’s winner stood out from the pack by applying hard work and determination throughout the contest.

Just as it is for college basketball teams, our March Madness is all about setting goals and pursuing them with full focus. We know what we want to achieve from the outset, which allows us to measure our progress and make adjustments as needed. It’s easy for us to stay motivated because we always have successful outcomes in mind.

We’re also committed to supporting each other as we chase our ambitious objectives. Even as we compete with our Prestige NY colleagues during March Madness, we encourage our teammates to excel; we want the best for each other, even when there’s a significant prize on the line.

Our team competitions have a way of bringing us closer together. As we push ourselves beyond our current skill sets, we tend to learn more about the rare blend of talents we have on our team, which leads to even stronger collaboration.

This year’s March Madness was our best one yet. Follow Prestige NY on Instagram for regular updates on our team activities.

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