Our Exciting Internship Opportunities

“We’re looking for sharp college students and recent grads to join our internship program,” stated Maheen, our Prestige NY Branch Manager. “Our 12-week program features bonuses to inspire great performance, as well as hands-on experience that prepares participants for lasting success.”

There will be an extra incentive for our interns to do well this year. The two top-performing individuals will split a $1,000 bonus. Maheen remarked, “We want all our associates to know how much we appreciate their hard work and dedication. This bonus is the least we can do to thank our interns for applying themselves throughout our program.”

We sometimes hire interns to full-time positions. There are specific qualifications that must be met for this to happen. “It’s always nice to bring high-achieving interns into the fold,” Maheen stated. “With the right mix of education and stellar performance in our internship program, we’re happy to reward motivated people with a full-time spot on our team.”

During their time with Prestige NY, our interns move from one key area of our business to another. They quickly gain confidence by working with customers and assisting on major projects. The Branch Manager added, “Our interns learn to develop solutions in real time. The real-world training they receive is tough to match anywhere else.”

We’re ready to bring talented people on board for our internship program. Follow Prestige NY on Instagram to receive updates on this year’s participants.

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