Our Top-Flight Team Atmosphere

There are a lot of reasons for Prestige NY’s ongoing success, but they all revolve around our inspiring work culture. Jessica, our firm’s President, explained that amazing training leaders, a fun office vibe, and a supportive atmosphere combine to keep us ahead of the competition. We enjoy working and learning together, which allows us to surpass our biggest company goals.

Our in-depth approach to training puts our people in position to thrive. Seasoned performers act as mentors to incoming associates, offering insights they’ve gained through their own advancement. This knowledge transfer strategy means we continually develop elite achievers who know our business inside and out.

We take our work seriously, but we also have plenty of fun around Prestige NY headquarters. Morale-boosting group outings are regular occurrences, with some of our favorites being bowling nights and team dinners. We also have spirited contests that bring us closer and allow us to push each other to greater heights at the same time.

Recognition is also a big part of our collaborative environment. Our top performers are put in the company spotlight each month. We also enjoy merit-based advancement opportunities, so we know our efforts will be rewarded in meaningful ways.

We’re committed to maintaining a supportive and lively team atmosphere. Like Prestige NY on Facebook to learn more about our successful work culture and group activities.

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