PRESS RELEASE: Prestige NY Is Expanding the Company Map

DEER PARK, NY – Prestige NY’s President detailed the firm’s expansion plans and the team member who has been selected to lead it. She also discussed the hiring initiative that will accompany this exciting venture.

“We’re excited to announce that we’ll be expanding Prestige NY’s influence even further,” stated the company’s President. “Nick, one of our managers, will be spearheading the expansion, which promises to help our firm reach new levels of success. I have full confidence in Nick’s abilities to maximize the potential this new market offers our company and the positive impact Verizon can make.”

In his role as manager, Nick will be responsible for a range of administrative tasks that will ensure success in the new office. He will motivate team members to meet or exceed predetermined goals for customer acquisition, guiding their development with honest feedback in the process. Nick will also plan weekly Prestige NY team meetings to cover all functions of consulting and marketing services.

The expansion effort will enable Prestige NY’s innovative customer acquisition methods to reach new demographics. “We’re ready to spread the word about Verizon’s system upgrades as far as we can,” the CEO added. “With this new office, we’re better equipped to take our client’s powerful message to more people and build our company’s profile at the same time.”

Prestige NY’s President Outlines Hiring Push and Training Emphasis

With the expansion to more new markets in their sights, Prestige NY’s leaders are looking to add business-minded individuals to their team. The President added, “We know we need additional talent to turn our growth goals into reality. It’s a great time to join our family, especially for people who are committed to ongoing professional growth. We provide clear pathways to career advancement along with plenty of continuing education opportunities.”

Career options with Prestige NY are designed to be challenging and fulfilling. This begins with the training program, which gives new hires the chance to learn all aspects of customer acquisition while also gaining experience in human resources processes. Those who complete the program absorb best practices in hiring, interviewing, and retention.

“Our associates are well prepared to thrive no matter what their areas of focus turn out to be,” the President remarked. “We emphasize clear goals so that our team members can measure their progress toward reaching their full potential. We also provide our people with all the tools they need to thrive.”

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Prestige NY is a privately-owned, goal-oriented firm with more than ten years of experience in the industry. The company offers customized marketing initiatives that boost consumer engagement, brand awareness, and market share growth. Its history of success in the advertising sector has enabled the firm to expand geographically, strengthening its ability to help clients to connect with their audiences in wider regions and across the nation through dynamic channels of promotion. Its reach has also facilitated new and important partnerships with other businesses that further ensure the success of the brands it represents. A commitment to its core values has set Prestige NY apart from its competitors, allowing the firm to continue to assist clients with long-term growth. Check us out at

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