PRESS RELEASE: Prestige NY Team Returns From Punta Cana Reward Retreat

DEER PARK, NY– Associates from Prestige NY recently returned from a trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. They visited the Caribbean island to attend the firm’s annual Rest & Relaxation Retreat.

“We were happy to send three team members to enjoy this much-anticipated event of the year,” said Jessica, Prestige NY’s President. “Our people compete against their best selves to be tapped to attend this retreat. It’s such a wonderful reward for their hard work and efforts throughout the year.”

Eileen, Will and Olivia were the three Prestige NY associates who were hand-selected to travel to this exotic location. “These individuals crushed their set goals and objectives to earn their spots on this trip,” the CEO explained. “Every person has the opportunity to qualify and these three rose to the occasion. It was a great experience for me to tell them they had made it.”

The President explained, the R&R retreat is a mix of business and pleasure for those who are invited to attend. “This is perhaps the most prestigious networking event offered,” she said. “The best of the best are there, from people who qualify in other regions to industry leaders and influential businesspeople. We are strong supporters of encouraging our associates to build their professional networks and this is precisely the type of setting that fosters strong connections that can build their confidence and inspire them for the future.”

The trip itself is an all-expenses-paid vacation. “They stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, which is on the beach and has 13 pools from which to choose!” said Jessica. “The food, the nightlife, and the adventures were all part of the amazing experience we hope our team members enjoyed.”

Prestige NY’s President Discusses Value of Team Travel

As the CEO indicated, the Prestige NY philosophy on business travel is decidedly different from other companies. “Whereas other firms might be more reticent about sending associates off to exotic locales as a reward, we find this practice is quite motivational,” she said. “When we announce that our people may qualify for a trip, they are inspired to deliver outstanding performances.”

The impact on the team is good as well, according to the CEO. “Our associates have a unique opportunity to bond with each other, whether it’s attending a conference together in a big city or sipping frosty beverages by the pool,” she said. “We build better rapport by experiencing adventures together.”

“Soon, another round of associates will be packing their bags to go somewhere exciting,” Jessica concluded. “I wonder who it will be and where they will be headed!”

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