PRESS RELEASE: Winners From Prestige NY Enjoy All-Expenses-Paid Cancun Trip

DEER PARK, NY – Two of Prestige NY’s top producers were recently named as winners in a nationwide competition. They will be traveling to an all-inclusive resort in Cancun, Mexico, for recognition and networking opportunities.

“Nick, one of our managers, and Will, one of our associates, are two of the 15 hand-selected individuals to win the national championship for one of the telecommunications brands we represent,” shared Jessica, Prestige NY’s President. “In order to win, they had to develop another team member into an all-star while also making direct sales a priority and hitting all their sales goals.”

The contest took place over the course of two months, but their reward for staying the course is an all-expenses-paid trip to Cancun. “Our two team members will enjoy a fantastic weekend at an all-inclusive resort with other industry leaders from across North America.”

Trips like these are a valuable incentive, and Prestige NY leaders are proud to offer them. Whether it’s a day trip for regional training or flying to a leadership convention, the chance to travel with coworkers builds lasting professional relationships that translate into greater engagement, innovation, and collaboration. When a team member shows their commitment to the company’s mission, then travel opportunities are just one of the rewards they can expect, the CEO stated.

Prestige NY’s President Discusses the Value of Office Contests

Creating an effective Prestige NY office competition requires a few simple steps, the President affirmed. For instance, contests should be focused on a specific challenge. The clearer team members are about what they’re trying to accomplish, the better their results will be.

“Another important piece to planning an office contest is to provide business resources and mentorship for everyone involved,” Jessica explained. “This keeps the competition from getting too cutthroat by making sure the playing field is even. After all, the point is to create a stronger team environment, not a workplace where people feel like they are asked to accomplish tasks without any support.”

Perhaps most importantly, the CEO emphasizes the importance of focusing on the process used during the contest, not just the results. “For instance, Nick and Will were the winners of the Cancun trip, but several other associates really stepped up their games and either sharpened existing skills or overcame personal obstacles during the competition. Not only do these people deserve to be recognized for their efforts, but it behooves us as leaders to replicate the conditions that brought out the best in their crew.”

“I’m sure Will and Nick will have a great time in Cancun, and they should – they’ve earned it,” Jessica concluded. “The whole Prestige NY team benefitted from this contest though, and I’m proud of the way my team pulled out all the stops trying to qualify for this trip.”

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