Prestige NY Team Prepares for Travel Event

Venturing away from the Prestige NY office is one of the key developmental methods for the firm’s associates. Jessica, the company’s President, explained, “When our team members step away from the daily demands of work, they get to expand their personal and professional horizons. At big industry events, they also gain fresh perspectives on the value of the work they do and how far they can go in our business. Our next rewarding travel perk is the Top Leaders Conference in Dallas.”

Maheen, the firm’s head of HR, stated, “The whole team is excited about this trip. Leaders from all corners of our industry will be attending, so the networking potential is off the charts. As our team members interact with these influential people, they’ll get a clearer picture of how far they can go in their careers. I’m sure our associates will be even more motivated to hit their most ambitious targets when they return to the Prestige NY office.”

When adding valuable contacts at industry functions, members of Team Prestige NY make sure to ask plenty of questions. To get the most helpful information, the firm’s associates pose open-ended queries. Maheen added, “We’ve found that the more you keep a potential contact talking, the more likely you are to discover common ground. From there, the chances of a lasting connection are much higher.”

Prestige NY Leaders on Team Recognition and Travel Perks as Motivators

“We’re committed to showing appreciation for our team members’ hard work and dedication,” Jessica remarked. “Sometimes a few words of praise in front of the entire office are enough to make a person feel valued, but we take pride in the fact that we offer so many uniquely rewarding travel incentives to recognize our top performers. The fact that our people bond with each other and forge meaningful connections to advance their careers in the process is just icing on the cake.”

Maintaining a consistently high level of motivation is a key part of the Prestige NY ethos. Travel incentives represent an ideal strategy to keep people engaged in pursuing ambitious goals. Maheen noted, “Every time our team members reach one of their high benchmarks, they’re inspired to aim even higher in the future. With exciting trips up for grabs, it’s even easier for our associates to summon extra motivation.”

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Prestige NY is a top in-person marketing provider. The firm’s campaigns drive customer conversion success for small and large businesses alike. This direct approach is far more effective than any online methods. The team applies strategy and innovation to quickly connect people and companies. Their energy and expertise, along with high-impact retail partners, help the region’s home improvement contractors, technology service providers, and more land new customers. What’s more, Team Prestige NY embraces corporate training to acquire the know-how they need to connect people with the best solutions available. The firm also gives back by supporting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. To learn more about their one-on-one outreach, visit

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