Select Individuals Attend Big Business Trip

The business landscape is constantly evolving – along with the rest of the world. If we want to keep Prestige NY ahead of the competition, we must continue to learn and grow as well. Conference attendance is one way we do so. In fact, some of our team members recently attended a quarterly networking event.

This industry function was held in Dallas, Texas. It allowed people to enjoy hands-on training and ample opportunity to meet their peers from across the nation. Scheduled learning sessions and keynote speeches covered topics like market trends, public speaking, management, budgeting, and demographic research. Between these engagements, attendees enjoyed laid-back conversations and exchanged their own ideas and goals.

We selected a handful of Prestige NY’s top leaders to attend the conference, and it was a great bonding moment for them. They were able to focus on each other instead of their usual responsibilities. By breaking free from their daily routines and exploring a new place together, they also made pleasant memories and strengthened their ability to collaborate. They really got to know one another by traveling as a group!

Our colleagues had a blast on this trip. They’ve returned full of knowledge to share with the rest of our team, and we’re already setting a new round of professional development goals. Like Prestige NY on Facebook for more information surrounding our activities.

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