PRESS RELEASE: Prestige NY Team Benefits From Philanthropic Efforts

DEER PARK, NY – Prestige NY’s President detailed a few of the firm’s recent philanthropic endeavors she’s most excited about. She also outlined the ways a company benefits from giving back to the community.

“It’s in our DNA to support a wide range of good causes as a team,” stated Jessica, the President of Prestige NY. “In recent months, we’ve contributed to some organizations that are making huge positive impacts. We’ve built a stronger team in the process, while also sharpening our company’s reputation in the marketplace.”

The Jay Fund, which supports families facing childhood cancer in both central Florida and the New York/New Jersey area, is one charity to which the firm frequently contributed. The CEO remarked, “During the holidays we focused our giving efforts on this organization. Our team put together gift baskets to make the season a bit brighter for families fighting childhood cancer.”

Members of Team Prestige NY also chose to work with the Lupus Alliance by participating in its Lupus Walk Along event. This nonprofit raises funds to support people in the Long Island and Queens communities who struggle with this chronic immune system disease. The team was able to raise $10,000 to give to the organization.

The firm’s President noted, “Our associates also recently donated clothing to the United War Veteran’s Recycling Organization. Some of our team members have served or have family members currently serving our country, so it was an honor to be part of giveback efforts that support our veterans.”

Prestige NY executives also participated in the Polar Plunge to benefit Special Olympics New York. The manager commented, “This event raised money for more than 71,000 athletes in our area, and it was a freezing good time! We helped raise funds for athletes and caregivers so they could organize the best event possible.”

Along with these pursuits, team members took part in a kickball tournament to support cancer research. The firm was also part of a larger effort to donate a combined total of $5 million for the Breast Cancer Research Fund. “We’re always on the lookout for new options to make a difference in people’s lives,” the CEO said. “I’m sure we’ll give back in a variety of ways as 2018 progresses.”

Prestige NY’s President on the Team Benefits of Giving Back

Jessica explained how much Team Prestige NY benefits from these types of giveback initiatives. “Along with a more positive reputation in the community, giving to good causes boosts morale. Our associates bring fresh motivation back to the Prestige NY office after every philanthropic event. Knowing that our firm cares is a source of pride for our people, and it helps them stay engaged from day to day.”

Giving back also helps team members expand their contact lists. “We open doors to unexpected opportunities when we work with community leaders to support good causes,” the President added. “By connecting with likeminded people who happen to be local business influencers, we add new allies who can help us reach more customers.”

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