The Many Benefits of Team Giving

Around the Prestige NY office, we understand the value of supporting good causes as a team. We’ve given to a variety of nonprofits in the past, and we plan to get even more involved in philanthropy in the near future. Jessica, our firm’s President, explained, “Everyone in the office wants to succeed on behalf of the telecom service providers we represent. Our team also wants to help the community in the process.”

A more engaged team is one of the key positive outcomes of supporting good causes. The President added, “Our associates get fresh inspiration every time they come together to help a charity advance its mission. They return to Prestige NY headquarters ready to tackle big challenges and reach higher benchmarks.”

This unique kind of inspiration emerges from the stronger personal bonds we forge every time we give back to the community. We get to see different sides of each other’s personalities when we apply our talents in new ways. Back at the office, we have greater appreciation for the positive traits and skills each of us brings to the table.

Every giveback event we organize also helps to sharpen our company’s public profile. The CEO stated, “People want to know they’re supporting companies that care. Consumers and the national service partners we work with never have to wonder if we’re committed to social impact.”

There are many charitable efforts on the horizon for our firm. Follow Prestige NY on Instagram to receive updates on our giveback pursuits.

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