Welcoming Ambitious Students to Our Internship Program

It may seem hard to believe, but summer is just around the corner, which means it’s time for us to start preparing for our Prestige NY summer internship opportunities. We provide students with knowledge of sales, marketing, training and development, territory management, and business networking. It’s a great professional experience, and a chance for the right people to gain priceless knowledge of our industry.

Our interns are treated just like full-time associates and given the same advantages. One-to-one coaching, workshops, and seminars all ensure that students are just as competent in their roles as everyone else and have the same paths to advance as well.

Internships also give students a chance to begin building their professional networks. Connections are essential for success in the digital age, and our interns get a head-start on their contact lists at national conferences and even international retreats. This is on top of the movers and shakers they meet at Prestige NY and the local influencers they come into contact with through outreach campaigns and our support of charitable events.

In return, we look forward to the vim and vigor that students bring to our firm. Their can-do spirit is inspiring – not to mention their knowledge of the latest tech tools. Yes, we’re quite proud of our internship program, and look forward to every summer. It’s a chance for us to grow while sowing the seeds of success in the next generation. Like Prestige NY on Facebook to learn more.

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