We’re Poised for a Huge 2020

As we finish up 2019, there’s plenty of excitement around the Prestige NY office. We’re reflecting on all that we accomplished as we celebrate the holiday season, looking ahead to an even more successful 2020 at the same time. Aiming even higher with every team win is a hallmark of our culture, and doing so has us primed for major growth in the year to come.

One of the true highlights of 2019 for Prestige NY was our expansion to Florida. This new venture coincided with the promotion of Dallymar, who is one of our top performers. We love to recognize those who go above and beyond to reach ambitious goals. We’re all excited to watch Dallymar continue her leadership journey next year and beyond.

Travel events were memorable parts of 2019 as well. Along with our usual array of conferences and cross-training trips, we enjoyed an R&R getaway to Cancun. It was so great to soak up the sun on some of Mexico’s most beautiful beaches. The fact that we got to network with some of the sharpest minds in our business was just icing on the cake.

In 2020, we hope to keep expanding and helping our team members reach their full potential. We’re planning to promote three to five people to leadership roles. Promoting at least one or two account managers is also something we want to achieve.

It’s a great time to be part of Team Prestige NY. To keep up with all our 2020 exploits, follow us on LinkedIn.

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