Winning Strategies for Productive Commutes

Making the most of every hour in a typical workday is a frequent topic of discussion around the Prestige NY office. We include the time we spend traveling to and from the office when we talk about productivity, which has led us to implement the following strategies into our daily commutes.

Learning through listening is one of the simplest ways to turn a commute into a valuable use of time. For daily drivers and users of public transportation, it’s easy to find a podcast or audiobook that suits specific learning needs. You’ll often find members of Team Prestige NY discussing our favorite listening options around our workspace.

We also take advantage of our commute time to plan out our schedules. By refining our to-do lists before we arrive at the office, we allow ourselves to get head starts on successful days. On our way back home, we reflect on what we achieved and begin planning for the next day as well.

Simply being alone with our thoughts is another way commuting benefits our productivity. By meditating or listening to our favorite music, we give ourselves space to think about important projects. We visualize successful outcomes as we allow our minds to wander.

These are a few of our favorite practices for productive commuting. Find more of our best tips for daily success by following Prestige NY on Instagram.

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