Prestige NY’s Glass-Shattering

Our Team Is Everything
at Prestige NY

It’s fine to have an online marketing plan, but its impact is likely difficult to measure. It’s hard to guess where you’re going without a solid strategy and the right people to measure your progress. You need a team with over a decade of experience in vendor and consulting services both locally and internationally.

At Prestige NY, we have a team that knows how to predict what’s around the corner because our methods bring our preferred future into reality. At all times, we keep our eyes on both the satisfaction of the firms we serve as well as the growth of our brand ambassadors. This culture revolves around progress and innovation at every level. Bringing these values together ensures we break the status quo and lead by example within the industry. You cannot beat our leading team.

Break Records With Prestige NY

Prestige NY takes brands to the top because our brand ambassadors are the most competitive and driven team around. We help those we represent break records because we invest in our people.

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Energy and Expertise

We are committed to partnering with each Prestige NY brand ambassador to ensure they reach their full potential. Everyone starts at entry level and moves through a tiered learning system to ensure rapid development of industry expertise. This is how we’ve built groups of leaders who blow conventional marketing’s results out of the water.

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Local Influence

The Prestige NY Cares initiative propels our community objectives. Our people get involved in regional and community-level giveback campaigns. As a team, we participate in local food drives and support schools, youth sports teams, breast cancer research, and much more.

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Discover Tech Know-How

The brand ambassadors of Prestige NY take industry-leading technology training in order to serve some of the nation’s most well-known fiber-optics service providers. By building this know-how into our people, we’re a trusted partner that exceeds expectations.

Our Prestige NY portfolio contains small-scale businesses and global firms, too – plus everything in between. We scale our model to meet a range of requirements for the industries we serve.

Prestige NY Team Benefits From Philanthropic Efforts

Prestige NY’s President detailed a few of the firm’s recent philanthropic endeavors she’s most excited about.

A team culture that fuels drive and professional success.

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