Prestige NY Young
Entrepreneurs Program

The Prestige NY Young Entrepreneurs Program is grounded in two principles:

we never stop learning and we always pay it forward. This culture empowers our team members to acquire the business skills necessary for company leadership and pass them on to others. After all, strong leaders don’t create followers – they build future leaders.

Our team members flourish because they receive limitless support from esteemed executives who know what it takes to reach number one. They show new hires how to step outside of their comfort zones to take ownership of their success. The skills brand ambassadors learn at entry level are relevant throughout their Prestige NY careers and in every facet of our business.

No one at Prestige NY is handed success – everyone creates their own opportunities to reach their potential.


“My time at Prestige NY has been extremely enlightening. I came into the business with a bachelors and a masters, feeling that I did not have much to learn. Boy was I wrong! Through this job not only have I grown in terms of my knowledge and skills in marketing, but also in terms of my own mentality and how I approach problems. The skills that you learn here are life skills that you can take with you anywhere.”

— Tara C.

“Prestige NY creates an environment centered around both personal and business growth. The managers and team leaders there do everything that they can to help each employee to achieve their goals. This is definitely a fast paced environment, but it is extremely rewarding and worthwhile for those who enjoy pushing their limits and achieving more than they would be able to elsewhere.”

— Jessica C.

“Amazing crew and fun atmosphere. Gives you all the tools and guidance you need to succeed while giving you an opportunity to learn, grow and mentor. Definitely an amazing opportunity to take advantage of.”

— Ariana HW

“Even though I’ve been with the company a short time, I’ve fallen in love with the atmosphere and can see how it will benefit me in my growth plan. Nothing is better than getting to work with a team that is as passionate as you are.”

— Nick F.

The Prestige NY Toolbox for Success

Everyone learns in his or her unique way. That’s why we offer training in a multitude of formats. Expect to rotate through each aspect of Prestige NY operations and gain experience. From classroom settings to hands-on development, those with inherent leadership skills and self-discipline will thrive as they focus on the following areas:

  • Demographic research and market analysis
  • Leadership training and team development
  • Multi-directional communication and relationship management
  • Client relationship building and development

Earning While Learning Together

Our Young Entrepreneurs Program enables team members to earn while they sharpen their core business skills.

Competitive compensation and merit-based rewards are key parts of our Prestige NY culture. People who complete the training become successful business professionals and excel in a variety of industries.

Grow a Career with Meaning
With Prestige NY

When you join Prestige NY, you join a culture that is passionate about growth and development. We motivate our team members to fuse their energies and ideas so that we meet our client’s exciting and demanding business challenges. For those looking to think faster, act smarter and continue to stay curious and ahead of business trends, send resume and cover letter to

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With the right learning resources we ensure our people reach their potential.

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