Prestige NY:
Building Impactful Careers

Prestige NY’s reputation as a leading product promotions firm has gained the attention of Fortune 500s from across the country. It’s no surprise that we’re experiencing serious growth. We’re at the top of our game, and that’s why we attract talented individuals to our team. Those who have a vision for their own success and are ready to take ownership of their futures will thrive with us.

Here’s the lowdown on the perks our people enjoy.

Learning Never
at Prestige NY

Everyone’s interpretation of the American Dream is unique. We help those with drive and leadership skills realize their own versions of that dream. Prestige NY offers an immersive learning experience that provides the tools anyone can use to grow as a professional and build their career. Instead of mundane training materials, we invite team members to participate in every phase of our operations. From giving professional presentations to training others to driving our promotional strategies, every brand ambassador learns it all.

Even our CEO started at this level. Through continual learning and determination, anyone who joins us can take advantage of this upward mobility track. By giving everyone the same opportunities and promoting from within, anyone with a positive attitude and an entrepreneurial spirit can reach the top.

Our Young Entrepreneurs Program delivers:

  • Mastery of business skills
  • Leadership Development
  • Individualized feedback
  • Merit-based promotion

Paying It Forward

We’re a human potential company. Passing on the lessons we’ve learned so that others within Prestige NY can succeed is at the center of our ethos.

We offer a culture of comradery, student mentality, leading by example, and strong work ethic. Our focus on expert leadership, skill building, training, and limitless growth is how we make it to the top together. With our firm, each team member can reach his or her own personal potential.

Networking, Philanthropy, and Travel

At Prestige NY, we understand the benefits of opportunities to travel, network, and learn first-hand from industry leaders. This is how we take leadership and business development to the next level.

Conferences and Industry Events:

Leadership by example is a Prestige NY way of life. Be inspired by some of the experts who make our organization exceptional by attending our industry conferences and events.

Charitable Giving:

Our Prestige NY Cares initiative demonstrates our commitment to philanthropy. By volunteering and donating as a team, we realize our community objectives.

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