Learning and Networking at National Conference

Attending big industry events helps us keep Prestige NY on the leading edge. We enjoy all types of travel incentives, including seminars, retreats, and networking functions. A few hand-selected associates from our office attended the national quarterly conference in February, making the most of the many benefits it offered.

Jessica, our firm’s President, was a guest speaker during the conference. She stated, “It was an honor to be selected to speak at the event. I’m determined to have one of our top team members speak at the next quarterly conference. I think it’s an ideal way to build Prestige NY’s reputation as an innovative promoter of smart energy solutions.”

There were all kinds of informative sessions during the conference. Our team members had chances to learn best practices for recruiting, relationship building, and running a small business. The President added, “I like sending our hardworking associates to these kinds of events because they always come back with fresh perspectives on their work. They’re also more motivated to crush their goals.”

The ability to network with other top performers from all corners of our industry was another key benefit of attending the conference. Our team members returned home with expanded contact lists. These new connections will pay off in the form of valuable insights and potential future projects.

We’re excited about the next quarterly conference. For updates on all our travel events, stay tuned to the Prestige NY Newswire.

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