At Prestige University, We’re Covering Business Basics

The usual back-to-school rush begins in September, but we’ve decided to open Prestige University early this year! That’s right, Team Prestige NY is getting back to basics starting in August, and we’re digging into some business 101 topics to make sure our fundamentals are sound.

These are just a few of the Prestige NY courses that will be open:

• Discover Your Why: This one’s actually more of a life hack, but we’re putting it into our curriculum, too. When we know why we do what we do, we’re more efficient, effective, and successful.

• Focus on Strengths: It’s good to know what we find challenging, but only so we can focus on our strengths and then work with team members who are good at things we aren’t.

• Set and Achieve Goals: Not only are goals the driving force for achievement, but the process of setting them also points us in the right direction and gives us milestones to chart our progress.

• Know Your Competition: We respect others in our sphere and learn what we can from them. Then, we set our sights on beating them!

• Find Mentors: Having experienced guides who have done what we’re trying to do, and who want to see us succeed, is priceless.

• Build a Network: Connecting with like-minded peers gives us access to a far larger pool of knowledge than we could gain on our own.

These are just a few of the ways we’re getting back to basics in Prestige University. Follow Prestige NY on Instagram for all our course offerings.

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